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Hammam including steam room.
Moroccan soap.
Deep body scrub.
This treatment is to relax the body and also to exfoliate the dead skin that we have. Hammam where we leave you to soak in the steam 20 minutes after which we apply Moroccan soap to exfoliate the body.

What are the benefits ?

Hammam make it incredibly beneficial for both the mind the body.
The heat opens the skin pores realising toxins, bacteria and other impurities making it ready for deep exfoliation. It is also known to ease breathing as it opens the airways and has a deep cleaning that makes the skin smooth and glow.

What do I need to bring?

Swim wear must be worn in the hammam. We recommend a 2 piece swimming costume if you having treatment as it gives easier access to the back and abdominal area. Bring your owns gloves or purchase in the reception.



Call in for booking .

Royal Hammam Treatment


Call in for booking .

Relax and unwind the warmth of the steam room, and indulge yourself in our rich and organic Moroccan soap. Using our special ‘kessa gloves’, we prepare the skin for deep exfoliation, and allow you to relax in our rose oil bath for full body detoxifying. Then followed by a ‘Rhassoul mud mask’, and finishing up with our liquid gold Argon oil to moisturise your body. You will surely leave the room with your body feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, smooth and glowing.
One hour and a half.